(unfortunately, most of these games were hosted on the original ludum dare website, which has since been taken down.)
  • 2-player (local) strategic dueling game -- outwit the other player & be the lone survivor
  • created for the 2017 dreamhack Jam
  • small & simple dog-walking simulator -- is essentially a pleasant screensaver
  • created with the corona game engine
  • collaborative project for pyweek 16
  • underwater shmup
guest house
  • point-and-click adventure game made with python and pygame
  • created for ludum dare 27 compo (theme: 10 Seconds)
  • ranked 87th overall, 11th in graphics, 14th in mood, and 27th in audio, out of 1,437 entries
rock simulator '95
  • rock simulator (which apparently means "play as a rock and smash snakes as they appear")
  • in the vein of the glorious lcd games of the past
  • created in an hour for one hour game jam
  • linear adventure game made for ludum dare 30 compo (theme: connected worlds)
  • ranked 33rd in graphics, 50th in mood, 81st in audio, 88th in humor, and 161st overall, out of 1493 entries
lycklig's stone toss
  • mini-game where you play as an opossum and toss stones into a bucket, or as close as possible
  • ranked 69th in audio, 76th in graphics, and 118th in mood, out of 1364 entries

  • turn-based acii pac-man clone created with python and the curses module
none shall pass
  • 2d sword fighting game created for ludum dare 25 (theme: you are the villain) with lua and love2d
  • contains plasticine
*other tiny games not pictured: crt tv, scout, brainstorm, fps fps, hitch a ride, bunny's adventure, stairs, ball drop, blocks, evolve and build to be able to code, jumper
scripts / code(coming soon)