Matthew [REDACTED]

California Institute of Technology, B.S. in English


Art: Blender3D, Davinci Resolve, Affinity Designer, OpenToonz, Procreate, GIMP, HEAVYPAINT, Inkscape, Photoshop, Infinite Painter, ...

Programming: Python, Javascript / HTML / CSS, Lua, C++, some functional programming, ...

Music: Mixcraft, mixing/mastering, guitar, sunvox, mandolin, bass, ...

Other: Writing, game design, NFTs/crypto, marketing, being a good friend, self-motivation, ...

Current Employment

[REDACTED] - [REDACTED] (May '21 - present)

Animator / Artist - Koo Koo Kanga Roo (Sept '18 - present)

Animate music videos, animate/illustrate/design social media content, and explore other on-brand creative options for the band Koo Koo Kanga Roo

Past Employment

Barista - Starbucks (May '19 - August '20)

Efficiently craft a large variety of drinks, maintain supplies and operation of store, and connect with customers, often all at the same time.

Remote Radio Technician / Board Operator --- E.W. Scripps Media Company (Sep '17 - Apr '19)

Set up and operate radio broadcast equipment or live-session audio equipment on location or in-station, troubleshooting and solving any problems as necessary.

Freelance Writer - Word Agents (Aug '17 - Dec '17)

Wrote various kinds of articles and review s, using a variety of styles and voices, for clients seeking content for their website or blog. Involved researching, writing, and editing.

Data Visualization Programmer - Caltech / JPL / ArtCenter (Summer 2016)

Worked with a group of geophysicists and a group of designers to create an interactive data visualization tool to assist in the understanding of glacial flow. (Specifically, the flow of the Rutford Ice Stream in Antarctica.)

Undergraduate Researcher - Caltech ('16 - '17', Summer 2015)

Wrote a senior thesis on Chaucer's Book of the Duchess, a medieval dream vision poem: "Chaucer the Beginner: Imagining Chaucer's Creative Process in Creating Book of the Duchess". Participated in a SURF (Summer Undergraduate Research Fellow ship) in 2015, studying vernacular music performance in medieval England.


  • Currently learning Swedish, Russian, and to a lesser extent Welsh, Arabic, Hawaiian.
  • Participated in 16 game jams (create a video game in a small amount of time) in the past, for a variety of jams, including the Ludum Dare, PyWeek, and the DreamHack Jam.
  • Made several zines, alone and with friends, for the Los Angeles Zine Fest, and have tabled there twice.
  • Hobbies include reading, learning languages, not taking enough breaks, video / board games, poetry, enjoying my 2 dogs & 4 cats